Wild Herbal Tea Walk - September 21
Wild Herbal Tea Walk - September 21 Wild Herbal Tea Walk - September 21

Join us for a unique collaboration with Herbalist Amber Westfall from The Wild Garden as we explore the rich bounty of local wild plants that can be used to make your own herbal tea blends! We'll take a stroll through the Fletcher Wild Life Garden and Amber will show us a wide variety of flavourful plants. We'll learn how to identify some plants, how to prepare them for edible and medicinal purposes, what kind of beneficial properties they have as well as how to turn them into your very own Tisanes! Come and experience the opportunity to widen your horizons and learn to appreciate the  bounty that's right outside your door! 

About Amber:
Amber Westfall is the owner of the Wild Garden, a small business in Ottawa, ON that provides community members with a variety of local, organic and ethically harvested wild food and herb products such as herbal teas and wild food preserves.

As an educator, Amber shares her passion about wild food and medicinal plants through plant walks, workshops and teaching courses on herbalism at the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences.

When she is not teaching, Amber is the caretaker of a 1/2 acre parcel of land on the Just Food Farm. This site is in its early years of being a certified organic, medicinal food forest. At this location Amber also runs a Young Herbalists' Apprenticeship program for youth, ages 8 and up.

In her work Amber strives to encourage stewardship, co-creative relationships and regenerative care of the spaces we inhabit.  She believes that connecting people and plants in this way imparts a vital intimacy with nature and deeper understanding of local landscapes.

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019

Time: 1-3pm

Location: Fletcher Wildlife Garden