Winter Bloom Island Green - Westholme Tea Farm
Company Name: Westholme Tea Farm

Company Location: Westholme,  BC

Tea: Winter Bloom Island Green

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Our Camellia sinensis plants produce a lovely small flower this time of year. Fresh, they smell of gardenia and marzipan. Dried, they offer a very earthy delicate astringency when made into a tea. We combine the flowers with our Island Green to create a graceful and smooth seasonal tea. Enjoy this very unique locally grown tea and make this pure single origin Canadian tea the gift your tea loving friends will love you for.




Westholme tea farm is currently the only Canadian tea producer, producing 7 unique single origin teas. They took their farm in the direction of tea in 2010 and are now in a position to sell their teas the general public. We chose to review this tea not only for it’s unique origin, but also because this tea is blended using the flowers of the tea plant as well as the leaves. 

We steeped 2.5 grams in 8 oz of 90degree C water for 5 minutes as recommended by the producer. 

Prior to infusion the tea had a uniquely soft flora scent, paired with refreshing grassy notes. The light hue of the tea leaves creates a unique visual contrast with the white and yellow tones of the tea blossoms. This teas visual impact is nothing short of elegant. 

Once steeped the tea produced a pale golden hue with bright floral aromas. The flavour started out with the classic light vegetal flavours of a green tea, then transitioned to a sweeter  fuller flavour finishing with a deep spicy note. 

The combination of tea leaves and flowers created a deliciously refreshing brew.  This tea is an excellent early spring beverage. If you love green and white teas this is a real gem that brings some interesting new elements to the mix. 

Tasting Notes: light citrus, floral, spicy end notes. 

How to drink it? Hot or chilled, without any additions. 

Final Verdict? Highly Recommended! 




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Feb 07, 2020

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